More Simple Structures v4.6

Updated: May 22

More Simple Structures Addon adds new naturally spawning structures to your Minecraft world for you to seek out or run into! I will be adding more structures in the future!

The More Simple Structures Addon adds a ton of new naturally spawning structures to the game. These structures range from small bushes to large Jungle Pyramids! ​ Thank you all for 300k+ shares and 300k+ downloads, I'm happy that so many people enjoy it! Bugs and crashes are likely to occur as it is still in experimental gameplay. IF USING IN A VIDEO, LINK TO ORIGINAL POST ON, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE YOUR OWN DOWNLOADS/LINKS, OR POST ANYWHERE ELSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Known Bugs: Addon causes game to sometimes crash with high chunk render distance. (Turning down your render distance to 16 chunks or lower should reduce crashes)

Structures sometimes spawn missing parts, this is a known Minecraft bug. Upvote these bugs so Mojang can fix them and improve structures!

Partial Structure List:

Campsite Spawns in: Forest Birch Forest Dark Oak Forest Taiga Plains

Desert Pyramid Spawns in: Desert Mesa

Desert House Spawns in: Desert

Oasis Spawns in: Desert

Small Abandoned House Spawns in: Taiga Forest Birch Forest

Large Abandoned House Spawns in: Forest Birch Forest Taiga

Stables Spawns in: Plains

Magma Vent Spawns in: Ocean (sometimes surfaced)

House Ruins Spawns in: Taiga Forest Birch Plains Dark Oak Forest

Mysterious Well Spawns in: Birch Dark Oak Forest Taiga Plains

Water Geyser Spawns in: Extreme Hills Mountains

Statues Spawns in: Jungle

Bushes Spawns in: Savanna Plains

Palm Trees Spawn on: Beaches Shores

Dead Trees Spawns in: Desert Mesa

Apple Trees Spawns in: Dark Oak Forest Plains Forest Orchard Leaves drop apples when mined and a rare chance to drop golden apples. Drops saplings

Rocks Spawns in: Plains Forest Savanna Taiga

Dungeon Tower Spawns in: Dark Oak Forests Desert Forest Jungle Mesa Plains Savanna Has dungeon loot on each level, and each level is harder than the last.

Underground Dungeons Spawn: Anywhere underground from levels 10 to 50.

Bigger Cacti Spawns in: Desert

Scarecrow Spawns in: Plains

Desert Palm Trees Spawns in: Desert

Pillager Base: Spawns in: Birch Forest Forest Plains Savanna

Jungle Pyramid: Spawns in: Jungle

Head Statues Spawns in: Jungle Ocean

Pirate Ship Spawns: Anywhere in ocean

Swamp House Spawns in: Swamp

Piglin Fortress Spawns in: Soulsand Valley (Spawns grounded or floating)

Abandoned Castle Spawns in: Plains Forest

Tower Spawns in: Forest Mountains Plains Taiga Swamp Savanna Snowy Plains (Has 2 variants)

Crashed End Ship Spawns in: The End

Haunted House Spawns in: Forests Taiga

Spider Cave (Mini Boss Structure) Baby Spiders and the Queen Spider will spawn here Contains Spider Nests, Candles and a ton of cobwebs Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Lumberjack Cabin Spawns in: Forests Lumberjack Villager spawns here

Castle Island Spawns in the skies above biomes: Forest Plains Taiga (Rare)

Excavation Crane Spawns in: Plains Forest Taiga Jungle Swamp Crypts will spawn under this structure

Piglin Camp Spawns in: Crimson Forest

Hunter Cabin Spawns in: Taiga

Piglin Outpost

Spawns in:


Piglin Boat

Spawns in: